Vatavu Grup S.R.L

Production and marketing of plastic products exclusively from original polyethylene virgin materials, designed and made to meet any requirements.

  • #1Product quality assurance
  • #2Wide range of shapes and volumes
  • #3Directly from the manufacturer
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Food plastic barrel


The barrels are designed to hold any type of liquid

  • made of virgin food polyethylene granules
  • they do not alter the properties of the stored liquid in any way
250L 500L 1000L

Food plastic barrel
(wooden structure)


The barrels are designed to hold any type of liquid

  • have a screw cap with a rubber gasket
50L 100L 150L 200L 300L 400L 500L

Tubs made of food grade plastic
(wooden structure)

550L 750L 1050L

Tubs made of
food grade plastic

300L 500L 700L 1000L


Valve Filters Covers Supape


Vatavu Group S. R. L. located in the Republic of Moldova was established in 2008, as a limited liability company.
The main activity of the company consists in the production and sale of plastic products, in the country and abroad. We offer a wide range of products: barrels, tanks, tubs for storing food and non-food liquids, designed and made to meet any requirements, with a capacity ranging from 50 liters to 1500 liters.
The company’s philosophy is to constantly reinvest in new technologies, to increase productivity and improve service and product quality, with the aim of promoting high quality products on the internal and external market, in advantageous conditions and affordable prices. For all our products there is a guarantee and there are made exclusively from original materials.



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